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A small, fun, friendly stamping community for people who are mad about Gilmore Girls. You don't need to have seen every episode EVAR, just to be familiar with the characters.

There won't be many rules, but here are some:

1. Join the community before posting, please.
2. Be nice! (Especially on mirror themes)
3. Vote on other people! I won't make you vote on 3 people to apply, but no-one will get stamped if you don't vote! You can vote up to two characters per app.
4. Please use 'Lorelai' somewhere in your subject header so we know you read the rules.
5. You will be stamped after 3 votes for the same character.
6. You may restamp after a week, if you dislike your stamp. You have unlimited restamps available, but we may get bored of you.
7. Please use 'Rory' somewhere in your LJ cut text. You must LJ cut your application!
8. When applying for other themes, please put 'stamped: whoever' in your header so we know.

That should be all the rules...

The stamps will be made as they are needed until I get a huge amount of free time. The choices for the regular stamp are essentially the main characters:

Lorelai Gilmore
Rory Gilmore
Lane Kim
Sookie St. James
Emily Gilmore
Richard Gilmore
Luke Danes
Dean Forester
Jess Mariano
Paris Geller
Logan Huntzberger
Christopher Hayden
Michel Gerard
Kirk Gleason

There'll be a supporting cast stamp later on, but if you're dying to vote someone I've missed, just let me know!

Here's the application form for the regular stamp:

Affliated with dailyjavajunkie, moomin_stamp, miyazaki_stamps, wes_stamps, wwhereyouleadd & gg_capstills.

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